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Buddhist Works in Tamil Literary and Buddhist Teachers/Scholars of Tamil Nadu;

Buddhist Works in Tamil and Buddhist Teachers/Scholars of Tamil Nadu 

Buddhist Works in Tamil Literary:

* Manimekalai: One of the five great classic epics in the Tamil Language written by Sithalai Sattanar in 2nd Century A.D.

* Kundalakesi: One of the five great classic epics in the Tamil Language written by Nadaguttanar in 4th Century A.D.

* Valaiyapathy: One of the five great classic epics in the Tamil Language.

* Virasoliyam: The Tamil work on grammar was written by Buddhamitra in 11th century A.D.

* Siddhantattogai.

* Tiruppadigam.

* Vimbasara Kathai.

Buddhist Teachers/Scholars of Tamil Nadu:

1. Ilam Bodhiyar: Several of his verses are found in the ‘Naṭṭrinai’. (1st or 2nd Century A.D)

2. Sangavarunar: 1st or 2nd Century A.D.

3. Aravana Adigal: He was the head of a Vihara in Puhar or Kaveripattinam. (2nd Century A.D)

4. Bhikkhuni Manimekalai.

5. Sithalai Sattanar: The author of the Tamil classic epic ‘Maṇimekalai’. (2nd Century A.D)

6. Sanghamitra: A Bhikkhu lived in the 3rd Century A.D.

7. Nadaguttanar: The author of the Tamil classic epic ‘Kuṇḍalakesi’. (4th Century A.D)

8. Buddhadatta: He wrote ‘Madhuratthavilasini’ is a Pali commentary to the Buddhavamsa of the Sutta Piṭaka. He wrote the renowned treatise on Abhidhamma, Abhidhammavatara. He is also the author of the Pali work on the Vinaya called Vinayavinicchaya. (5th Century A.D)

9. Bodhidhamma: The founder of the ‘Dhyana-marga’. It was called ‘Chan’ by the Chinese and ‘Zen’ by the Japanese. (6th Century A.D)

10. Dignaga: A philosopher and a debater of great repute. He was the founder of the Indian Logic (Vinnaṇavada). (5th Century A.D)

11. Dhammapala of Nalanda: He was the Vice-Chancellor of the Nalanda University. Native of Kachi.

12. Badaratirtha Dhammapala: 6th Century A.D.

13. Buddha Nandi and Sariputra: 7th Century A.D.

14. Vajrabodhi (661-730 A.D): An adherent of the Vajrayana School.

15. Bodhiruci: One of the greatest translators of Buddhist texts. (7th Century A.D)

16. Buddhamitra: Composed the ‘Virasoliyam: The Tamil work on grammar’ was written by him in 11th century A.D.

17. Perundevanar: He was the student of Buddhamitra. He wrote a commentary on the ‘Virasoliyam’ in 11th century A.D.

18. Kavirajaraja: 12th century A.D.

19. Buddhappiya: His book of the Pali verses in praise of the Buddha is called Pajjamadhu (Nectar of Verses). It is a standing monument to his excellence as a poet and his deep love for the Buddha. (12th century A.D)

20. Mahakasyapa: Among his works are the commentary on the Abhidhamma, works called Mohavicchedani, the commentary to the Vinaya Piṭaka, Vimativinodani, and the Anagatavaṃsa. (12th century A.D)

21. Anuruddha: His most famous work is a manual of Abhidhamma, the Abhidhammatthasangaha, which has served as an introduction to the Abhidhamma philosophy.  (12th century A.D)

22. Dhammakirti: He organised an International conference of Buddhists under the patronage of Parakrama Bahu II. (13th century A.D).

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2. 'Story of Buddhism, with special reference to South India’ by Government Museum, Chennai. Page- 29, 30, 31, 53, 54, 148, 149.

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