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For those half baked fellows always shouting against the "Reservation System in India";

Now-a-days many fellows are barking about the Reservation System in India. Many Congenital idiots have no knowledge about the Reservation System, simply they are now talking about the anti-Reservation. Some Ignominious fellows even further claim without baseless coating and spraying the nonsense word over some particular section. I frankly state here for those who against the Reservation. You people before talk about the reservation first go and brush your knowledge and study for one whole day about the history of the reservation, what reservation mean like that. If you do not understand about reservation, then broad yourself. First of all the reservation is not about any mercy basis for some particular section. Reservation is not about any concession basis. Reservation is the only rectification for the historical injustice heaped upon the some section. The aim of the reservation is to increase the social and educational status of the economically weaker section. Reservation based on population proportion helps to bring the unequal to equals. So they can take their rightful place in the Indian society. Simply its a right and rectification of the historical injustice and hence it is a debt that has to be paid to them. For more than thousand years you congenital idiots were draining their bloods and denied the education to them. You created this caste system and sucks their bloods. Tell me who created the barbaric caste system culture….??? Now-a-days you people are barking about the anti Reservation. First come forward for extrude the caste system, then talk about the reservation. Am sure Reservation system will be prevailing, till Untouchability and the Caste system exists. I have the slightest doubt, is it really blood flows in your body or sewer flows in your body in place of blood...??? What irritate me more means, some fellows behave like a jabber here. The reservation has been given in more than twelve forms by the constitution of India for the economically weaker section. Here you silly people mention only one about Scheduled Class / Scheduled Tribes, but no one mention about the Other Backward Class, Although OBC SHUDRAS are the higher benefit of these Reservation in both Tamil nadu state level and National level. ( In Tamil nadu the Shudras are called as Backward class and Most Backward class)

The reservation policy in Tamil nadu as;
General – 31%, 
OBC ( BC and MBC) – 50%, 
SC – 18% and 
ST – 1%. 

The reservation policy in India as;
General – 50.5%, 
OBC – 27%, 
SC – 15%, 
ST – 7.5% 

Based on their population proportion. Almost past 93 years, these OBC section in Tamil nadu licking the taste and enjoying benefits of reservation quota and they now claimed Scheduled Class / Scheduled Tribes alone gained reservation. 

Tell me who takes the reservation in Tamil nadu too. Where you all gone when the OBC reservation bill introduced in the Lok Sabha 2007. Today these OBC brethren are the worst Casteist in Tamil Nadu and India level than others. They themselves thought they are higher than Scheduled Class / Scheduled Tribes. By licking these reservation OBC brethren somehow developed today. You OBC SHUDRAS section in Tamil nadu, before talk the anti-reservation first think at what heuristic strata you people before 70 years. You were all occupied just 4% in government jobs, rest 95% occupied by Brahmins. You Backward and Most backward class having alone enjoyed the quota. You have no shame on yourselves that now portray as higher class. If you all people no need reservation, first you all must tear yours BC and MBC Caste certificates and apply for the open quota i,e 31% which allocated in Tamil Nadu instead applying in BC and MBC quotas in both Educational Institutions and Government Jobs.
Some people thought themselves as they are over smart. They said that it effects the merits. Let me what merit mean. Another group said that the caste starts from the school level and government itself issued what caste certificate. Hey Nonsense, your parents alone teach you what caste you are. Caste starts from your family alone. You people have no problem for the Caste based society. You people have no problem for the Caste based relations among yourselves. You people have no problem for the Caste based Marriage. You people have no problem for the Caste based graveyard. You people have no problem for the Caste based house rentals. You people have no problem when they are denied access to drinking water. You people have no problem when they are victims of violence and atrocities both at home and outside. You people have no problem for the priest from one caste alone. These bondage even death brings no end. Tell me how many idiots negate the Caste based society or Caste based relations among yourselves or Caste based Marriage in India….???? Why the mental Indians don’t negate it…??? 
Many blinds says, "Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar created the reservation only for ten years”. You mental, did you ever read or know about what Poona Pact mean….??? If not, first go and read at least about what the Poona Pact mean and broad yourself who created the Reservation. Of course it was created by Mr. Gandhi who fast unto death and denied the rights of Scheduled Class / Scheduled Tribes section from the separate representation. Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar voiced for the separate representation only. Then the Prime Minister of Britain, Ramsay Macdonald agreed it for not only Scheduled Class / Scheduled Tribes but also for Muslims, Sikhs, Anglo-Indians and Christians. Gandhi had no problem for the separate representation to Muslims and Sikhs but against the separate representation to Scheduled Class / Scheduled Tribes, Anglo-Indians and Christians. No such dark face of Cunning Gandhi was screened in Gandhi film. Many criticized about the cut-off marks that Scheduled Class / Scheduled Tribes students will have to score minimum marks than others. Why not many of my colleagues asked me such like. I ask them, do they know about cut-marks to the BL degree in Tamil Nadu Dr. Ambedkar Law University…??? If not, let they broad themselves. 

The cut-off marks are: 
OC - 83.12%, 
SC -77.50%, 
BC - 67.62%, 
MBC – 64.37% and 
ST - 45. 27%.  

Do they know about the medical cut-off in Tamil nadu ( in Madras Medical College, Chennai )…??? If not, let know it. 
For OC – 199.75%, 
BC – 199.50%, 
MBC – 199.25%, 
SC – 198.75%, 
ST – 199.75%  

Go and see the cut-off required for Medical in Tamil nadu. According to the census of India, the rate of literacy among the Scheduled Class / Scheduled Tribes is lower than others in India.



                                Almost for the past two thousand years, they are the people has been facing a number of social problems. You people have no problem about the Casteism which is a cruel social system that cause of most evils in India, for it suppresses Scheduled Class / Scheduled Tribes denies them the opportunity to grow as humans. Do you know about my Dharmapuri issue (Tamil nadu) in 2012…???? Do you know about Paramakudi massacre, Kodiyankulam, Kelvenmani, Mudhukuladhur, Thamiraparani issue in Tamil nadu, Lakshmipeta, Karamchandi issue in Andhra, Belchi issue in Bihar, Khiralanji issue in Maharashtra etc., Even normal rights are denied to them by the Idiots in India. The insults, inhuman atrocities against continue till date. The torture and the most brutal killing more over till exists. The Caste consciousness is ingrained in Corpuscle of every people and reflected in his conduct. Untouchability prevailed more in India but no one talk about it. Have any succeeded in driving away this monster so called Casteism...??? Has the inequality vanished...??? To me, the answers to these questions are surely Negative. Untouchability still existence today in the name of pathetic modernization. Why after 66 years of Independent India still faces caste based atrocities...??? Is it modern world...??? Can those who shout against reservation able to answer why after these 66 years independence we still have inequality on social, economical, political, cultural platform..?? Why still we face cast base atrocities..?? Why do we find only some section in monial jobs today...??? Before talk about reservation, ask your parents and grandparents and slap them if they didn’t thought about the deserving person who was washing your streets. Why you people didn’t thought about the economic way at that time. Go and visit one slum area, why not come to my village in Dharmapuri district of Tamil nadu. Read one whole week and then talk about reservation. If all you deserving people are right then slap yourself for the corruption and discrimination you people have generated. If you people are better and deserving then go and ask your other deserving fellow to clean your city sitting in office otherwise slap yourself. Mere talking will nothing make any great impact to the barbaric Indian Society. Since Caste is the normal Indian life. Caste is the nuclei custom of Indian. Till it is attached in the normal life of Indian and ruin dominant over some section. Of course some may claim themselves as progressive thinkers. For me, they also not so impact to against the barbaric Indian society and they are more dangerous than the reactionaries. There are so many of my friends think rational but none one act and they are the people like a seasonal Chameleons. Not only they, but this Indian society is such like. Whatever I may considered, Just as human beings I want everyone with equal rights whether it may Socially or Politically or Economically. And also, whatever the others may consider me, I never bother anyone. I want everyone to realize their self esteem. Definitely I believed that one day everyone realize themselves and through off the useless patches. Once again I tell you, Reservation system will be prevailing, till Untouchability and the Caste system exists.

With regards, Ambeth., Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu.

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June 18th - Ayyankali and Kakkan's death and birth anniversary respectively


Ayyankali : 
* 1st Labour leader who Organized India's 1st agricultural workers Strike. 
* He established the 1st school in the history of Depressed class in Venganoor, Kerala. 
* He Pioneered many reforms, Social movement against Casteism. 
* He set apart his life to achieve dignity of depressed class, the right to use Public roads, the freedom of depressed class women to cover their torso, their Education.
P.Kakkan : 
Freedom fighter, Man of simplicity and honest, left no property in his name. He contributed for the upliftment and welfare of the Depressed class. As a Minister, contribution for the construction Vaigai reservoir and formed two Agriculture Universities. He served as a Minister for Public Works, Minister of Depressed class Welfare, Minister of Agriculture, Home Minister in Tamil nadu.

Jai bheem..!

Ayya Ilayaperumal;

Tribute to Ayya Ilayaperumal. What BP Mandal did for the OBC-Shudras, Ilayaperumal did for dalits in way back in 1969. However, given that Ilayaperumal was a dalit in the Congress, his report was never implemented by Indira Gandhi. NAME- Ilayaperumal. Born - June 26,1924. Place- Kattumannar koil near Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu. Died- Sep 8th 2005. *) He was the chairman of the 1st ever national committee to inquire the educational and economical condition of the dalits. He toured extensively and submitted his report," Untouchability : Economic and Educational development of Scheduled castes" offering valuable recommendations for the uplift of dalits.
*) The union government implemented the Mandal commission report but the Elayaperumal committee report was to the dustbin.
*) He was the state president of Congress in 1979. He was elected for parliament thrice and once MLA in TN.

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Anbu Ponnoviyam an acclaimed Dalit Scholar, thinker and historian in India;

There are two things which happened in past of our history on June 28: One is Unchanai Riots on Dalits by Caste Hindus in Tamil Nadu. Second one is death Anniversary of Anbu Ponnoviyam an acclaimed Dalit Scholar, thinker and historian. With Gnana Aloysius he compiled the articles of Iyothi Dass and had them published into three Tamil volumes, entitled Ayothidasar Sinthanaigal ( The Thoughts of Iyothi Dass). His other books in Tamil are 'Caste is hidden in the Food', 'What Gandhi and Periyar have done for Adi-Dravidar' etc.,

Facts; Born - 1923. Died - June 28, 2002. He was born in Finang city, Malaysia in 1923. His parents are Anbu Perumal and Gangai Amman. Ponnoviyam came to India in 1933, lived near Tindivanam, Tamil nadu. After coming to Chennai Egmore, he graduated in painting. He was interested in the welfare of the people of the tribal leaders and so he write articles about them. In 1951, he joined in Archaeological Survey of India and retired from government service in 1983.
He was interested in Buddhism and thoughts of Iyodhi Dhass a forerunner of Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar. He wanted to fulfill the dreams of Iyodhi Dhass about Buddhism. He reclaim worked with developing pioneering ideas of Dalit thinkers. Finally he died in 2002.

Jai bheem..!

Diwan Bahadur Rettamalai Srinivasan;

"Both me and Dr.Ambedkar worked as nail and flesh, we both went as representatives of the Depressed classes at the second Round conference in London and fought for their political rights"
~ Diwan Bahadur Rettamalai Srinivasan.
Let we tribute to India's first depressed clases western Educated Graduate, a brilliant of tongue and Master of Pen, Saviour of downtrodden even before the birth of Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar - Rao Bahadur Rettamalai Srinivasan. He was the Representation among two ( another Dr.Babasaheb ) for the depressed clases in the 1st and 2nd Round Table Conference, in London.

In November 1930, along with Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, he represent the interests of the Depressed Classes, both favoured the extension of minority status to the Depressed Classes. His participants in the 1st RTC in 1930 was a red letter day in the History of the Depressed class. In this conference George-V hosted the delegates at the Windsor Castle Royal Palace and inviting them by shaking their hands but Srinivasan refused to shake his hands because George-V was the Emperor of India and the Indians were the slaves of the Emperor and R.Srinivasan was the slave of his slave and more over he was an Untouchable. Then the Enperor came to know what Untochability was. Both Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar and Diwan Bahadur R.Srinivasan presented to the conference, "A Scheme of Political Safeguards for the Protection of Depressed Classes in the Future Constitution of Self Governing India". They laid down certain terms and conditions under which the Depressed Classes would accept the rule of majority in a self-governing India. Thiru. Ve. Ka honoured Diwan Bahadur R.Srinivasan with the title of 'Dravida Mani'. * His words "We are the sons of this soil and our history start from the good old ancient past, but our civil Rights are denied by the invaders. Rights are not given as alms but they must be got by Struggle and fight. We ought to fight for our rights and not expected to be granted by grace of others".

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Political discrimination - Only 7 Chief Ministers in 67 years of Independent India:

Up-to-date there have been only 7 Scheduled Class people became the Chief Minister of a State in India in 67 years of Independent India. Many fellows often called and word beating as "Tamil Nadu the land of EV.Ramasamy Periyar", but there is no Scheduled Class became the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

1) Damodaram Sanjivayya: ( 11 Jan 1960 - 12 Mar 1962 ) * 1st Scheduled class CM of India from erstwhile Andhra. * 4th CM of Andhra. * Party - Indian National Congress. 2) Bhola Paswan: ( 22 Mar 1968 - 29 June 1968; 22 June 1969 - 4 July 1969; 2 June 1970 - 9 Jan 1971 ) * 8th CM of Bihar. * 1st Scheduled class CM of Bihar. * He was the CM for three times between 1968 to 1971. 3) Ram Sundar Das: ( 21 April 1979 - 17 Feb 1980 ) * 18th CM of Bihar. * Party - Janata Dal ( United). 4) Jagannath Pahadia: ( 6 June 1980 - 13 July 1981 ) * 1st Scheduled class CM of Rajasthan. * Party - Indian National Congress. 5) Mayawati: ( June 1995 - 18 Oct 1995; 21 Mar 1997 - 21 Sep 1997; 3 May 2002 - 29 Aug 2003; 13 May 20007 - 7 Mar 2012 ) * India's 1st Scheduled class female CM. * 1st Scheduled class CM of Uttar Pradesh. * She was the CM for four times. * Party - Bahujan Samaj Party. 6) Sushil Kumar Shinde: ( 18 Jan 2003 - 4 Nov 2004 ) * 1st Scheduled class CM of Maharashtra. * Party - Indian National Congress. 7) Jitan Ram Manjhi: ( 20 May 2014 - Jan 2015 ) * 23rd CM of Bihar. * Party - Janata Dal ( United).

With regards, Ambeth BE (Civil) Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu.

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Bodhisattava Pandit Iyothee Thass (20th May,1845 - 5th May,1914) - 1st Person who had worked for the cause of revivalism of Buddhism in Modern India:

Tribute to Revolutionary Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar and EV.Ramasamy Periyar’s pioneer or forerunner - Pandit Iyothee Thass. Dr. Babasaheb's inspiration for writing his "The Buddha and His Dhamma" was none other than Pandit Iyodhee Thass disciple Lakshmi Narasu work “The Essence Of Buddhism”. Pandit Iyothee Thass is called as 'Father of South India social reform'. I dunno how many Dravida activities know the name "Iyothee Thass" who introduced E.V. Ramasamy Periyar in politics..?? About Iyothee Thass: BORN : 20th May, 1845. DIED : 5th May, 1914. TITTLE : Pandit, Father of South Indian Social Movements. ACHIEVEMENTS : He worked for the downtrodden people. He was the 1st person who instrumental in articulating the idea that the downtrodden people were not only Buddhists formerly but were the original inhabitants of India which later paved way for many social movements. He was the first Leader who had worked for the cause of revivalism of Buddhism in India. In 1898, he founded the “Sakya Buddhist Society” ( Indian Buddhist Association). Iyothee Thass was the first modern Dalit social revolutionary. He succeed in the getting the thousands of acres of lands and distributed among the landless poor under the scheme of “Panchami Lands”. EARLY LIFE : Iyothee Thass was born in Nilgiris in 1845 and his father was Kandaswamy. His original name was Kathavarayan. As his teacher's name was Iyothee Thass, Kathavaraya changed his name into Iyothee Thass. He also obtained the title of Pandit. He was also a popular Siddha Doctor. He gained expertise in reading palm leaf manuscripts, Tamil literature, philosophy, Siddha and had good knowledge of English, Sanskrit and Pali. Iyothee Thass was the first Dalit to undergo a personal educational revolution. He educated himself in Tamil, Sanskrit, Pali and English. Because he was self-taught, he was able to shed new light on Tamil and Pali culture and spirituality. He is a role model for every Dalit student struggling in casteist, run-down government schools. He realized, as few others did, that the real revolutionary potential lay not in urban Dalits, but in the rural Dalits and adivasis. Iyothee Thass united and organized the various tribes of the Nilgiri Hills (Wayanad in Kerala, Nilgiris in Tamil Nadu).
* 1885 - Launched a magazine 'Dravida Pandian'. * 1886 - He announcing that the so called Untochables are not Hindus. * 1891 - Established the Dravida Mahajana Sabha and during 1st census urged the so called Untochables to register themselves as casteless Dravidians.
* 1896 - He moved from Nilgiris to Chennai where he created one Buddhist Temple.

Iyothee Thass was a forerunner of Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar and EV.Ramasamy Periyar. He was the first Dalit to use Dravidian sentimental legacy to liberate Dalits from Hinduism. He did this based on his deep knowledge of Tamil history, culture and social dynamics. He was the first Dalit to realize the revolutionary legacy of Buddhism and to use Buddhism to create social change. While his movement did not transcend religion into a genuine spiritual movement, it had a tremendous impact in Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka. Iyothee Thass created the first ideological media revolution, writing from his deep personal knowledge to enlighten Dalits on countless subjects. Still today, his writings are not properly compiled let alone translated. Iyothee Thass was also an intellectual revolutionary because while most Indians were running after Western knowledge or imagining airplanes and atoms in the Vedas, Iyothee Thass revived the Dravidian Siddha system of medicine. The Tamil Siddhas were among the most revolutionary poets in Indian history. Their strong assault on not just casteism but the very materialist mentality behind it has a powerful impact, even in translation, on any materialist, western or eastern. Iyothee Thass revived this anti-Brahminical medical knowledge system in the teeth of resistance from the Aryan, Ayurvedic establishment. 

His meeting with Olcott was a turning point not only in his life but also for the Dalit movement in many ways. He argued that Tamil Dalits were originally Buddhists. He led a delegation of prominent Dalits to Henry Steel Olcott and asked for his help in the re-establishment of "Tamil Buddhism". Olcott helped Thass to visit Sri Lanka, where he received Diksha from Bhikkhu Sumangala Nayake. After returning to India, Thass established the ‘Sakya Buddhist Society’ in Madras with branches in many places including Karnataka. Thass established a weekly magazine called Oru Paisa Tamizhan ("One Paisa Tamilan") in Chennai on 19th June 1907 and its price was 'one paisa'. On 26th August 1908, the name, Oru Paisa Tamizhan, was changed into Tamizhan. He published Tamizhan from 1907 to 1914. From 17th June 1914 to 26th August 1915, Tamizhan was published by Wilson Patabiraman and then from 7th July 1926 to 27th June 1934, Kolar Goldvaiyal Pandithamani Appadurai published it, which served as a news letter linking all the new branches of the Sakya Buddhist Society. The magazine discussed traditions and practices of Tamil Buddhism, new developments in the Buddhist world, and the Indian subcontinent's history from the Buddhist point of view and edited it till his death in 1914. He established of several Panchama schools in chennai. Iyothee Thass, with the help of Col. Olcott, set up five schools in the City, specifically for the Depressed Class. It was from these schools that the first generation of leaders and ideologues emerged. He focused on education and the land issue. He interpreted Indian history which can be classified as subaltern history in a true sense. Today even uttering the name of Iyothee Thass in the Tamil public sphere has become an act of a rebellion. the Dravida parties, Communists and Tamil rationalists. Nobody has any regard for Dhass. He died in the year 1914. The Central Govt has decided to restore Iyothi Dhass and name to “ The National centre for Siddha research in chennai”. Iyothee Thass's teachings nurtured and shaped the career of Rettamalai Srinivasan and M.C. Rajah in Tamil Nadu.

Books written: 
He wrote 325 political, 55 literary, 51 social, 109 religious articles in Tamizhan. On 3rd February 1909, he wrote an article about voting right to minority. Iyothee Thass wrote several articles in the Tamizhan explaining the historical evolution of the society, religious traditions and cultural patterns of Tamil Nadu. Dalit political discourses dominated the columns of Tamizhan. These bring out a systematic argument of the first ever Depressed Class Ideology in Tamil Nadu. In Indirar Desa Charithram (History of the Country of Indrars), Iyothee Thass declared that in the past, the Subcontinent was known as 'Indirar Desam' or the 'Land of Indirar'. Indirar was none other than the Buddha who had managed to control his five senses successfully. His knowledge prompted him to arrive at the conclusion that the Panchamas were not Hindus but 'Adi Thamizharhal' (Original Tamils). Iyothee Thass also wrote at length on Buddhism, the life of Buddha, his readings, the dialogues he had with his disciples, and on the principles of faith and action which he upheld. He argued that the text, Thirukural, was originally known as Thiri-kural (thiri means three) and it was the first Buddhist Text in a Dravidian Language. The Kural content adhered to the three Pitakas of the Buddha's Teachings and hence it was known as the Thirukural. The idea of Communal Reservation was articulated in 1885 by him.

Iyothee Thass and his Understanding of the History of this Nation (It is not India but Indira Desam): 
Pandithar argues that Gowthama Buddha after his enlightenment taught the people of this nation the way of truth. Therefore, people of this nation celebrated the Buddha by calling Him as Varadhar and Baradhar and also they started calling the two parts of this nation as North Baradha Desam and South Baradha Desam. And the Buddha was called as the "Indirar" which would refer to the one who conquered the five senses. Thus, the way of the Buddha was called as Indira Thanmam, and the nation in which he was born was called as Indirar desam. Gradually this name "Indirar Desam" turned into be Indhiya Desam (North Indhiyam and South Indhiyam). Therefore, it is because of the Buddha this nation was called as Indirar Desam and there is no any other reason for this. But the Aryans who invaded this Indirar Desam never understood this history and they started calling them as Hindus and their religion as Hinduism. And more over they called themselves as Indians and those who are in India are Hindus alone. They even say now that it is from Hinduism, Buddhism was born and some of the Hindus only became Buddhists. Iyothee Thass would claim that the history of this nation was covered and therefore the Religion of this nation according to him is Indirar Thanmam (the way of the Indirar = the Buddha) and all the people of this nation are Indirars since they all followed the Indirar Thanmam. Hinduism had no roots in this Nation. Let us celebrate Iyothee Thass for this wonderful explanation and let us call ourselves as Indirars and this nation as Indira Desam.

Jai bheem..!

Photo from 10th std Tamil Book of "Tamil Nadu Textbook Corporation". ( Page 213 ).
Source/Reference: * “The Role of Pandit Iyothee Dhass to the Elevation of Depressed class in Tamil Nadu” by R.Suresh Kumar. * “Pandit Iyothee Dhass” by T.Nalini Anbarasu. * “Social Reformers Of Modern India” by D.Padmavathy.

Not a single photo of Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar in News Papers ( Republic day );

Many time I was very frustrating to saw the news paper particularly on Republic day of India. Not a single photo of "Founding Father Of Modern India" Revolutionary Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar, we can not see in News Paper. Are he not a Chief Architect of our Indian Constitution....?? Are he not a National Leader of this soil...??? What can we aspect from these Caste racist media and mental nation....??? After all this is the land of living the most brilliant Caste terrorists in the world. Here anyone can become a Mahatma by merely changing the dress. Anyone can became a Nationalist, If those filthly themselves called as higher section.
Dr.Babasaheb... why you born in this mental culture nation.....??? You may be a highest Educated person in India till, you may be a Bar-at-Law, you may be a great Constitutionalist, Revolutionary, a Parliamentarian, Economist, Sociologist, Politician, Indian Jurist, Philosopher, Thinker, Anthropologist, Historian, Orator, Prolific writter, Social reformer, Feminist, Freedom Fighter, Social activist unto your death, No one recognizing you. So far in India, not such a person like you in various field of intellectual genius. You are only one in India with multi dimensional. Even though you proved youself as a genius, your thoughts never received to Indian society just because you was born as an Untouchable to this Stupid mental blurred Indian Society. Your contribution in the various field to this nation is totally ignored and hiding. If you born in any other nation, they can pride you and has provided countless awards. After all you born in India. Even your portrait was not in Parliament of India untill 1990. Thank to great Prime minister of India VP.Singh for placed Dr.Babasaheb portrait in Indian Parliament. Though I never proud for born in India, On one thing I thank to Dr.Babasaheb who gave 'Equality, Liberty, Fraternity' based Democracy in India irrespective of Caste, Class, gender and religion. Wishing you all happy 64th Republic day of India and one of the great historical event in History of India that Constitution of India came into effect. Although India attained independence on August 15, 1947 but till 1949 it didn't have a permanent constitution of its own and not functioning under the laws enacted. After many amendments the Constitution was approved and Revolutionary Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar presented the draft Constitution was accepted on November 26, 1949. Then it was adopted by the Constituent Assembly in the name of the people of India that came into force on January 26, 1950 marking the beginning of a new era in the history of India. For making Constitution of India, Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar was appointed as chairmen of the Drafting committe constituted by the Assembly a greatest ultimate Brilliant Lawyer in India. It was not a simple work but to sculpt the big mountain to share all people rights equally. Many fellows wrongly thought that Dr.Babasaheb's inclusion into constituent assembly was by Mr.Gandhi. But the entry of Dr.Babasaheb was mainly due to his professional approach, his excellent knowledge of constitution and his great work in "States and Minorities" which is a part foundation of our constitution today and his love over Our Nation. The Indian Constitution is greatly influenced by his revolutionary ideas and thoughts. Even The Congress and Gandhi’s Constitution Chairman was Malavankar or someone else from the Congress or Foreign constitutional experts, as its clear that Dr.Babasaheb was not even the last recommended person by Congress or Gandhi. After the completion of his work, Dr.Babasaheb said "I feel the Constitution is workable; it is flexible and it is strong enough to hold the country together both in peace time and in war time". He provided an inspiring Preamble to the Constitution as justice, social, economic, political, liberty, equality and fraternity.
T.Krishnamachari in his speech in Constituent assembly, "Out of the seven members selected to prepare the draft constitution, one resigned, one died, one left for America, one was busy with his work in princely state, one or two live away from Delhi, some had to be excused for health reasons, Dr.Ambedkar was the only one who had to bear the burnt." The 1st President of India, Dr.Rajendra Prasad, praised the services rendered by Dr.Babasaheb, "I have carefully watched the day-to-day activities from the presidential seat. Therefore, I appreciate more than others with how much dedication and vitality this task has been carried out by the Drafting Committee and by its chairman Dr.Bhim Rao Ambedkar in particular. We never did a better thing than having Dr.Ambedkar on the Drafting Committee and selecting him as its chairman."
In his historic speech, "I shall not therefore enter into the merits of the Constitution. Because I feel, however good a Constitution may be, it is sure to turn out bad because those who are called to work it, happen to be a bad lot. However bad a Constitution may be, it may turn out to be good if those who are called to work it, happen to be a good lot. The working of a Constitution does not depend wholly upon the nature of the Constitution. The Constitution can provide only the organs of State such as the Legislature, the Executive and the Judiciary. The factors on which the working of those organs of the State depend are the people and the political parties they will set up as their instruments to carry out their wishes and their politics. Who can say how the people of India and their parties will behave ? Will they uphold constitutional methods of achieving their purposes or will they prefer revolutionary methods of achieving them ? If they adopt the revolutionary methods; however good the Constitution may be, it requires no prophet to say that it will fail. It is, therefore, futile to pass any judgement upon the Constitution without reference to the part which the people and their parties are likely to play. The constitution I offered, may be good or bad, it will depend on how the men in office use it. India lost its independence because one of us, one in power, betrayed". Then he cited the examples of betrayals in the history and urged, "We must spend the last drop of blood to defend the freedom of our country". The Columbia University at its Special convocation on June 5, 1952 conferred the LL.D. degree (Honoris Causa) to Dr.Babasaheb in recognition of his drafting the "Constitution of India."The University hailed him as One of India’s leading citizens, a great social reformer and valiant upholder of human rights".

With regards, Ambeth BE (Civil) Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu.

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Indians firstly and lastly.......... When ????

Frankly I have no interest in Language sentiment. I dunno when the language politics will end in India. Now-a-days our Indians are barking about the corruption. At the same time their voice are keep dump about the biggest corruption in the history so called the Caste system in India that prevalent till. I can say anywhere firstly and Lastly am an Indian, not a Tamilan. I want everyone to be Indian first and last. But I never Proud for being an Indian. For me Language is just a means of communication and sharing our views. I do respect all languages. Of course I know Tamil, English and Something about Pali and Hindi. It's just a Language which give separate expressions. It's my own interest to learn any other languages. If I have interest in Marathi or Telugu or anything, I will learn it. No problem in it. The problem is not with languages, the problem is impound compulsion the particular language overhead others. May be Tamil is one among the classical languages of the world. I do respect Tamil laguage because it only express my view whatever from mine to others, at the same time love every Languages. But not fanatic over Tamil language. We have right to love the Language but it would not lead beyond the peak stage. One know, how to love their own mother. We no need anyone teach for how to love their mother. This is what so happen in our country. Today it grew up by political arena gain. Surely it makes a new political genero in our Nation base Language. The politicians made the conspiracy and gain for their own vote banking sake. I do not see no more differece between the Central government & all the state governments. Both central govt and all the state govts are trying to impoud compulsion one particular language over other. India is not a land of Hindi speakers alone. We have more than 1500 languages in India. And Hindi is not our National Language. First of all there is no National Language in India. Like Tamil nadu is not a state of Tamil speakers alone, around 8 to 10% of the people residing in TN speak Tamil with Telugu. Mere % of Some people speak Kannada, Urdu and Malayalam here. Every Indians must think that they are Indians firstly and Lastly beyond the languages. We are fighting one each other ourselves in name of silly things. Whatever we are stagger, whatever we are staunt, I put hope our upcoming may be in optimist.

With regards, Ambeth BE (Civil) Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu.

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"Right to Vote" ( Equal for all Women and Men in India ) ie 'Adult franchise' was given by Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar.

25th January is observed as the National Voters Day in our Nation. Well...!!! Firstly I would like to say one thing, atleast to spread something awareness about our Constitutional right ( Article 326) ie " Right to Vote" to some people. Now all Indians have right to vote without bias in gender or caste or class or literacy or religion. It was "Founding Father Of Modern India" Revolutionary Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar who voiced as the first person in India for the 'Universal Adult Franchise' before the Southborough Commission for all Indians without bias in gender, Caste, Class, literacy and religion. I don't know how many Indians know, it was because of Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar who conferred the fundamentals of democratic principle 'Adult franchise' in the Indian social reality ie right to vote to every Indian without any discrimination through the Indian Constitution. For this, Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar faced the radical problem from Mr. Vallabhai Patel.
Even I don't know how many Indian Women's know the contribution of Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar who fight for equal rights for women and for their voting rights. Today Our constitution granted voting rights to all Indian women as a right because of him. But before Independent India, it is not easy task for everyone 'right to vote' even men also. Mostly the Right to vote was given only to those the rich, the landed and the tax payers. Some people may claim Montagu–Chelmsford Reforms granted votes to Women. But it was under condition ( like man) to some women in province only not for whole part in India.

With regards, Ambeth BE (Civil) Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu.
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Rao Saheb L.C. Gurusamy;

Name - Rao Saheb L.C. Gurusamy. Born - 1885, in Chennai. Father - Kottappa. Died - 1966. He was soft spoken person, friendly and tranquil nature. These have been continued throughout his life. He believed Education could change the dalits. So, in 1921 he founded two night-time schools. In the areas surrounding Madras, he began daytime schools. He received two thousand rupees from the government for that period. Areas like Pudupettai, koyyattoppu, Royapuram, Mylapore, Periyametu where he founded his school. Chengalpattu and Ponneri were the key areas such as schools began in the daytime. In 1921, he acquired land in areas of immigrant population. So several hundred families found their way to the right to the land in which they live in Puliyantoppu, Vepperi, Mylapore, Perambur. Later established several student hostels. Attempts to improve the lot of Arunthathiyars L.C.Gurusamy, who founded the Arunthathiyar Mahasabha in 1920 with H.M. Jaganathan. They started schools for Arunthathiyar children. However, these schools closed down. Other Facts : *) MLC, For ten years from 1920 to 1930 in Madras Legislative Assembly. *) For 22 years, he graced the office of honorary Judge. *) In 1926, established the School of Industrial in Kodambakkam. *) One of the directors in Urban Co-operative Bank, Madras. *) Elected to the Madras Municipal Council. *) In 1927, British government conferred "Rao Saheb" title. *) In 1929, he was a member of the Madras University Senate.

With regards, Ambeth BE (Civil) Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu.

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My Saviour's and Intellectual Icons;

*) Sakya Muni Buddha. *) Sakya Valluvan ( World Famous 'Three Pitakas' i.e Tirikural was given by him in Tamil ) *) Pandit Iyodhi Doss ( Forerunner and Pioneer of Buddhism to Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar and Pioneer of Rationalist Movement to EV.Ramasamy Periyar ) *) Diwan Bahadur R.Srinivasan [ India's first depressed classes western Educated Graduate, Freedom Fighter and the Representation among two ( another Dr.Babasaheb ) for depressed class in the 1st and 2nd Round Table Conference, in London ] *) Ayyankali ( First Labour Leader in India ) *) 'Founding Father of Modern India' - Revolutionary Dr.Babasaheb. *) Rao Bahadur MC.Rajah ( First National leval Leader for Depressed Class and 1st Person who wanted Separate electorates for the Depressed Class in India ) *) JN.Mandal ( Dr.Babasaheb, having failed to get elected from Bombay due to Congress fellows opposition, managed to enter the Constituent Assembly through the Bengal Assembly with the support of JN.Mandal a depressed Class leader from Bengal ) *) Rao Bahadur N.Sivaraj ( Right hand of Dr.Babasaheb, 1st President of Dr.Babasaheb's AISCF, Founder President of RPI ) *) Annai Meenambal ( India's 1st National Level Dalit Women Leader ) *) Rao Saheb L.Gurusamy ( Educational Revolutionary for depressed among Depressed Class) *) Emmanuvel Sekaran ( Freedom Fighter ) How many leaders may among our in all over India, Dr.Babasaheb is our only ultimate. He is our prelude for anytime. There is no dought and problem in it. But read our other leaders who sacrifice their life for our empowerment.

With regards, Ambeth.

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Sasikanth Senthil IAS - India's Top Scorer in Main (Written) Exam in 2008;

Sasikanth Senthil IAS

India's top Scorer in Main (Written) Exam, All India 9th Rank holder and Tamil nadu's 1st Rank holder in the UPSC CIVIL SERVICES EXAM - 2008. => Rank - 9.
=> Subject and Maximum Marks\Obtained ; (Main Written Exam). * Essay(Paper III) - 200\ 118. * General Studies (Paper-IV) - 300\ 163. * General Studies(Paper-V) - 300\ 171. Optional I,Psychology * Paper-VI - 300\183. * Paper-VII - 300\179. Optional II, Public Administration. *Paper-VIII - 300\171. * Paper-IX - 300\ 182. => Written Total -2000\1167.
=> Interview Marks - 300\ 156. => Final Total = 2300\1323. Really If Revolutionary Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar alive, surely he might be very happy now. He is true to Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Words, "Our Students should learn two things. Firstly to prove that given the opportunities they are inferior to none in intelligence and capacity. Secondly,to prove that they are not merely to tread the path of personal happiness, but to lead their society to be free, to be strong and to be respected.".

Jai bheem..!

Last Message of Revolutionary Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar;

Once Our beloved Father Dr.Babasaheb Said,"Our Educated Students are a source of great sorrow and disappointment to me. Not one of them is ready to do social work. I have always held that Knowledge is power in every field of life. We will not attain not goal of freedom and Liberty until we drink deep of all knowledge". Just here we took notice of his words. Mind blows there is no distinction till. Who can we blame? Do you think who else? He also said,"Educate, Agitate and Organize". But? Of Course Today our youngsters are spark and shining in every field. There is no doubt in it. Here I won't give the list but just say few more. Take our Brother Sasikanth Senthil IAS from Chennai who was India's Topper in Main Exam of UPSC and so many on. It is true that the discrimination practice on our dalits are unrestrained. There has been no basic change in Caste system after nearly 67 years of Independence India. Still we are struggle. Still we are the victims of thousands years suppression patches but in reality, our people yet not know who they are? How we became as such like fold? Why we have been discriminated? Whatever so we are little bit positionable today, it is because of Revolutionary Dr.BABASAHEB AMBEDKAR. Without him, it is impossible to imagination such like. But, there are too Questions which makes pitiable over where we born among. Is it Dr.Babasaheb Mission fulfill today? Are we secure our whole human rights? Why still we are suppressed? How long so it will happen in this society? How many of we really follows our father? If Babasaheb had thought about only his life and family, at what suit we would have today? Why most of our guyz can't understand it? It is very hard to see among ours as after enjoying the fruits of Babasaheb lifelong struggle and sacrifice, atmos are selfish, forgetting their past and the struggle behind them. I have no hesitation, today Babasaheb name is used as business by everybody. What a hell? None mostly vicious about his mission. Sometimes anger comes over mind about our youngsters. Most of these idiots are seeking pleasures only and not even single think about where they from and our brothers. Has the situation changed today? Babasaheb wanted our to contribute for the cause of the upliftment of our society. How many people do it? How many people follows Babasaheb with Buddha teachings? Till date most among our have stagnant sticking and not follows our Buddhism. The most ungrateful one it is..! Yes, Its our duty to educate our younger generation about our history and our culture. Every one must think what Babasaheb did in 1956. That's our generation should through off the label patches and follow our Buddhism. We the people are ancient Buddhist/ Sakyans. If you all cluthes in present as like, it will not endover and am sure that we all roaring with Caste Hindus. Without history nobody will not build their own strong society. We should prove inferior to none in intelligence and capacity and also not merely concern of our personal, we should lead our society to be free,to be strong and to be respected. Secondly Education, especially Women's Education with Buddha and Babasaheb path which enlighten our society to up in all field. I strongly believe that Our women can shackles all hurdles and Change the society, If she is in Literate Mind. Because they have been carried from one generation to another generation. Take our Iron Lady of India Bahenji Mayawathi. How she is...! Really great..! However, According to a report, It is bitter one that the dalit women literacy rate in India. As a villagian, I know the literacy rate of women are lower in villages. I found that first reason is Poverty. Because of their poverty, their parents were forced to work them. So, they became illitrate. The second thing that I found many were forced to get married at young age which stop schooling. It is bitter truth. So,we are responsiblities to give awareness in villages. And now a days quiet pinch changeble in it. Well..! When I read the Last Message of our father, tears rolling down from my eyes. How Babasaheb had so much unbeable pain in his heart...! His last message," You people do not know what is troubling me and what makes me sad. The first worry to my mind is that, I have not been able to fulfil my life's Mission. I Wanted to see my people a Governing class in my life time,sharing the political power in Terms of Equality with others. I am now almost crippled, is being enjoyed by the educated few, who with the their desympathies for their downtrodden brethren. They have surpassed my imagination. They live for themselves and their personal gains. Not one of their ruination. I now wanted to divert my attention towards the vast illiterate masses in the villages, who continue to suffer and remained almost unchanged economically. But life seems short. I also wanted that all my books be published during my life time. The very idea of my being helpless to complete the monumental task of publishing my books : "Buddha and Karl Marx," "Revolutinn & Counter Revolution in Ancient India," and "Riddles of Hinduism, distress me terribly as nobody will be able to publish these after me. I also wanted some one from among the Depressed Classes to come forward, in my life time and take the heavy responsibility of running the movement after me. There, however, seems none who would rise to the occasinn. My lieutenants, in whom I had full faith and confidence to run the movement, are fighting among themselves for leadership and power, unmindful for the heavy responsibility that is going to fall upon them. I also wanted still to serve this country and its people. It is a sin to take birth is a country whose people are not prepared to listen to any other view which does not concur with that of the Prime Minister. To what extent the Country is sinking? Anyhow I have done a lot inspite of the abuses hurled at me from all sides and I will continue to do so till my death. Whatever I have done, I have been able to do after passing through crushing miseries and endless struggle all my life and fighting with my opponents. With great difficulty I have brought this caravan where it is seen today. Let the caravan march on despite the hurdles that may come in its way. If my lieutenants are not able to take the caravan ahead they should leave it there, but in no circumstances should they allow the caravan to go back. This is the message to my people." Let everyone of our should take the responsibility to complete the unfulfilled dream of Babasaheb, is the real homage to him. I hope it will happen in upcoming especially from Youngsters side. It is bitter for me that all are here cheering the name of Babasaheb but not his mission. They all are seeking enjoyment after they all get a good position. So, finally I ends up and Its our prime responsibility of every educated youth should serve our poor. Take Pledge today itself that after reaching good position, we don't forget our illiterate mass. We should have degree of Political sound, Progress in education. Also we should bondage with unique banner as Ambedkarite/ Buddhism/ Sakya Dalits beyond the useless State Nationalism or Languages or inner castes among our. If not, am sure it would lead our society lower.

With regards, Ambeth BE (Civil) Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu.

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Fate of India's first Scheduled Class IAS (1950) - Achyutananda Das by AK.Biswas.

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) under the Constitution of free India started functioning from January 26, 1950. The UPSC conducted its first examination to recruit personnel for the IAS and Central Services the same year. The First Report of the UPSC does not mention the number of SC/ST candidates. But it discloses that Achyutananda Das was the country’s first Scheduled Class to make it to the IAS in 1950 itself. He was, in fact, the topper of his batch in the written examination. Achyutananda Das, from West Bengal, secured 613 out of 1050 marks in written examination whereas N. Krishnan from Madras secured 602. But in the interview, Krishnan secured 260 out of 300 as against 110 by Achyutananda Das. Thus Achyutananda was left miles behind by Krishnan due to the latter’s performance in the viva-voce test.
But the case of Aniruddha Dasgupta, also from West Bengal, is both interesting and revealing.

The marks obtained by these three may be examined to appreciate the case of the topper in below [ Candidate/ Total (1050 marks) / Interview (300 marks) / Grand (1350) ] 1) N.Krishnan 602/ 260 / 862. 2) Aniruddha Dasgupta 494 /265/ 760. 3) Achyutananda Das 613/ 110 /719. The margin of difference of marks between Achyutananda Das and N. Krishnan in written papers being eleven only so in the interview if the latter out stripped the former, there is not much surprise perhaps. But the written and viva-voce marks of Aniruddha Das gupta in comparison with those of Achyutananda Das raise a number of issues. Dasgupta secured the highest marks in viva-voce among all successful candidates recommended for appointment to the IAS, IPS, IFS, etc. But it was also he who got the lowest aggregate as well as the lowest average of all those qualified for appointment to the IAS and Allied Services. Further, he scored the lowest marks of all the qualified candidates in General Knowledge. Dasgupta scored 26.66 % in General Knowledge, 47.04 % in written aggregate but an astounding 88.33 % in Personality Test as against 52.66 %, 58.38 % and 36.66 % respectively scored by Achyutananda Das. The margin of difference of marks between Das and Dasgupta in written examination was as vast as 119. Reduced into %, Das wasan unbridgeable 11.33 % ahead of Dasgupta.
Any candidate strong in General Knowledge is usually expected to face the Selection Board very confidently and to perform competently. Aniruddha Dasgupta’s poorest (26.66 % ) score amongst all successful candidates in General Knowledge notwithstanding; he must have thrown up the biggest surprise by scoring the highest marks in the interview. His viva-voce score of 265 which was followed by Krishnan with 260, not only helped him make up the vast gap between him and Achyutananda Das but he left the latter far behind. In the ultimate count, Krishnan topped; Aniruddha Dasgupta occupied the 22nd position in the merit list and Achyutananda Das was assigned the 48th position. Das was the last man in the list of qualified candidates recommended for appointment in the IAS. He was allotted to the cadre of Uttar Pradesh. There is no published record to examine the questions which were posed by the Selection Board to Das, Dasgupta and Krishnan and the answers offeredby them. If those were available, posterity would have benefited by acquiring the tools and techniques adopted by Dasgupta as to how to impress the Selection Board of the UPSC despite miserable written scores. ~ AK.Biswas. [ A retired IAS officer, an eminent writer, ex Vice-Chancellor of Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Muzaffarpur, Bihar.]