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Morning Star M.C. Rajah and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar:

I know many fellows in India may not familiar the name 'M.C. Rajah' from Chennai who was considered to be a person equal in stature to Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar in his day. In fact Morning Star M.C. Rajah was the first national level leader who organized Scheduled Class in India. 

He was the first person who wanted separate electorates for the Scheduled Classes in India. It was because of M.C. Rajah, for the first time in India the Communal representation for the Scheduled Class given under the Act of 1919 and so they were nominated to the legislature from 1920. Before this, there was no representation to the Scheduled Class in India. Later M.C. Rajah was the first member of the Scheduled Class in India to be elected to the legislature (Madras Legislative Council.) Also he was the the first member of the Scheduled Class in India to be the member of the Central Legislative Assembly (1927 to 1937).
In 1926, Morning Star M.C. Rajah formed the first national level Scheduled Class organization named All India Depressed Classes Association at Nagpur and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar who did not attend the conference, was elected one of its vice-presidents. In 1928, it was proposed that Babasaheb would be elected president at the annual conference of the Association to be held in Delhi. Babasaheb accepted the invitation, but later failed to attend the session, whereupon, M.C. Rajah was again elected president a second time. For the first time in India 'The Untochability Abolition Bill of 1933' was introduced by him in Central Legislative Assembly at Delhi on 24th March, 1933. But it was opposed by the orthodox hindus. Both Babasaheb and Morning Star M.C. Rajah were worked together except two years during Round Table Conference. There was no long conflicts between Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar and Morning Star M.C. Rajah. Together they advanced the various tasks. We can find the coalition between them in All India Scheduled Caste Federation and Sir Stafford Cripps Mission, 1 April 1942. Till his death, M.C. Rajah collaborated with Dr.Ambedkar. In November, 1938, M.C. Rajah made a fervent 'Plea for a separate Scheduled Caste party'. In 1942, when Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar started his All India Scheduled Caste Federation, he joined this organization.

During Sir Stafford Cripps Mission both Babasaheb and Morning Star were bitterly against by Jagjivan and his co. They said, "Dr. Ambedkar and M.C. Rajah may represent their particular caste but they have no locus standi to represent all the depressed classes of India."

Dr. Babasaheb in his 'What Congress and Gandhi have done to the Untouchables ?', "The only leading member from the Untouchable community was the late Dewan Bahadur Rajah. The Dewan Bahadur was a nominated member of the Central Assembly from 1927. He had nothing to do with the Congress either inside or outside the Assembly. Indeed, he was not merely a critic of the Congress but its adversary. He stood for separate electorates for the Untouchables to which the Congress was bitterly opposed.

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