Sunday, 6 December 2015

Dear Babasaheb -- My MOTHER gave me birth but YOU gave me Right to live;

Jai bheem...!!!

Tribute to Revolutionary Babasaheb Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar.

"Many leaders have born,
Many leaders have gone.
Different in different among them,
You are the symbol of 'Jewel' and 'Radiant'..!

Sparkling is not a mere one.
Remember it changes the world.
Like you 'Spark' us,
And it made you 'trait'...!

You suffered too for Untouchability in your life.
It rendered you and fought to free.
You dream,"Constitutional Rights" was the only path.
And you made admitted in it.

You dedicated too for 'Constitution Making'.
Hard work made you Just pain.
But Mr. GANDHI's gloat gloat on Poona pact.
It made you too mental pain than body.

The sun plays gloom on a day.
Alas.!! You passed away in sleep.
Mumbai crowd,not to be thousands,
Lakhs of people in Funeral march not yet none for anyone.

My MOTHER gave me birth;
But YOU gave me Right to live in this world.
'Love,Commitment' you gave whole life.
It made you as "Babasaheb"
How can I forget you today..????

~ Ambeth.
( 06/12/2012)

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Long live Ambedkarism..!