Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Dear Father Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar, “Why you born among these Petty minded Indians and mental culture nation..??”

Extremely sorry for asking this questions to you father. “Why you born among these Petty minded Indians and mental culture nation....???” You may be an highest educated person in India till, you may be the 1st Indian who graduated D.Sc in Economics, you may be the 1st double doctorate in Economics in South Asia, you may be a Bar-at-Law, you may be a great Constitutionalist, Revolutionary, a Parliamentarian, Economist, Sociologist, Politician, Indian Jurist, Philosopher, Thinker, Anthropologist, Historian, Orator, Prolific writer, Social reformer, Feminist, Freedom Fighter, Social activist unto your death, No one recognize you. So far in India, very few such a person like you in various field of intellectual genius emerged. Even though you proved yourself as a genius, your thoughts never reached to Indian society just because you was born among some particular to this stupid mental Indian society. Your contribution in the various field to this nation is totally ignored and hiding. If you born in any other nation, then concern nation can pride you and has provided countless awards for your contribution in the various field to this nation. After all you born in the land of the most congenital casteist idiots are living in the world so called ‘India’. We can’t expect anything from these mental culture nation. These mental Indians only want the outcome, but never give credit to the person. Even your portrait was not in Parliament of India till 1990. Thank to great Prime minister of India V.P. Singh for placed your portrait in Indian Parliament.
Dear father, again sorry for asking one question to you. Why you born among us……??? Our fellows tasted your sweat father. After tasted and licked your sweat, they attain some higher position and got government jobs now. But these mentals are thought themselves as a higher and forget to emancipate our illiterate poor. Even they never think where they are from. Instead of helping for our brethren, they pained more us. Even these stupids are shying to say your name after they attain good position (Experienced in my college). Am sure these idiots are the main enemies of our poor brethren who are pushing them off. If the literate stupid among ours thought our poor people condition in past 67 years, am sure today we would not till under poverty. Dear father, here all are selfish, fighting and quarrel for petty matters like inter caste, useless State Nationalism and fanatic over languages among ourself. That's why you rightly said in your age, "Educated people has deceived me. I was of the firm view that our educated people, after taking benefits in studies, will get some Jobs in government. Establishments through reservation and will extend some helping hand to their brothers to emancipate them from the pathetic and miserable life. But they have started filling their Bellies only". I angrily ask you again, why you brought this Representation for us and these SHUDRA guys i,e OBC ( MBC and BC)....??? These Shudra guys asked that what you did to them?? I dunno how many of these stupid Shudra guys know about the Article 340 which is favour for representation to them was given by the hardship of you. Actually the 1st amendment act of the Indian Constitution Article 340 in 1950 granted reservation rights to OBC directing to constitute Backward classes Commission to recommend it. In November 27, 1951, you resigned from the Central cabinet of Prime Minister Nehru, citing deliberate delay in acting on Article 340 as one of the reasons. Although you never created the reservation, many blinds say about you. I request those mentals first go and read about what Poona Pact mean…??? If not, first go and read at least about what the Poona Pact mean and broad themselves whom the nasty created the Reservation. Of course it was created by the nasty Gandhi who fast unto death and denied the rights of Scheduled Class / Scheduled Tribes section from the separate representation. Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar voiced for the separate representation only. Then the Prime Minister of Britain, Ramsay Macdonald agreed it for not only Scheduled Class / Scheduled Tribes but also for Muslims, Sikhs, Anglo-Indians and Christians. Gandhi had no problem for the separate representation to Muslims and Sikhs but against the separate representation to Scheduled Class / Scheduled Tribes, Anglo-Indians and Christians. No such dark face of Cunning Gandhi was screened in Gandhi film. Again father, why you brought this Representation of MP and MLA for us....??? We have 131 MP's (Scheduled Class - 84 and Scheduled Tribes - 47) and 1070 MLA's (Scheduled Class - 543 and Scheduled Tribes - 527) representation from all over India. But what is the use of it father...??? These dogs sucks your blood and acts up stooges for those they belongs parties. For that purpose you brought for us....??? You believe that they point out their voices of our problems in Parliament and legislature. Mostly none point out our problems in both Parliament and legislature father. Best example: My Dharmapuri issue in Tamil Nadu. But these stupid dogs, without know or what their responsibilities to see our problems, they are under stooges and goon to those they dependent parties. You said the revolutionary words to ours as, "Educate, Agitate and Organize". But they.....???? These guys pride you but not your path. Father here illiterate are more better than literate. That's only gonna today. I hope you know all it because you just watching it in every villages by means of statue and their drama's before you. It is too hard to me father. Sorry….!!! With regards, Ambeth BE (Civil) Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu.

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